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What are the Different Types of Singapore PR Schemes?

Are you considering permanent residency (PR) in Singapore? The city-state doesn't just offer a singular path but rather a range of PR schemes, each designed to cater to diverse professional and personal profiles.

This guide will help you navigate these options, ensuring you find a PR scheme that aligns seamlessly with your qualifications and future aspirations in Singapore.

Understanding the Different Types of Singapore PR Scheme Options

Singapore's PR system is uniquely structured, offering distinct pathways that reflect the diverse needs of its applicants. Let's delve into the different types of PR schemes Singapore offers and discover how they can facilitate your journey towards permanent residency.

1. Professionals, Technical Personnel & Skilled Workers Scheme (PTS)

The PTS Scheme is tailored for foreign professionals, technical personnel, and skilled workers who are currently employed in Singapore and seeking permanent residency in the country. This PR scheme is particularly suited for individuals holding work passes such as the S Pass, Employment Pass, Entre Pass, or Personalised Employment Pass.

As a pathway to permanent residency, the PTS Scheme acknowledges the valuable skills and contributions these professionals bring to Singapore's workforce. It not only facilitates their transition to becoming permanent residents but also offers them a more stable and prosperous future in the country's thriving economy.

2. Global Investor Programme (GIP)

Singapore's Global Investor Programme caters to wealthy, experienced foreign entrepreneurs and investors. It requires a minimum investment of S$10 million in a Singapore entity or S$25 million in GIP-approved funds. This PR scheme not only grants residency but also leverages Singapore's economic dynamism, offering investors a gateway to Asia's markets and a stable base for global operations.

Additionally, the programme boosts local economic growth and job creation, nurturing a reciprocal bond between investors and the Singaporean community.

3. Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme (ForArts)

The ForArts Scheme in Singapore offers PR for international art professionals. This scheme targets professionals across various artistic fields, including performing, visual, and literary arts, as well as design and media.

Applicants of the ForArts Scheme must have made notable contributions to Singapore's cultural landscape and demonstrate a commitment to enhancing its art scene. This scheme acknowledges their artistic achievements and integrates their talents into the rich cultural fabric of Singapore.

4. Family Scheme: PR for Spouse and Children

The Family Scheme grants PR eligibility in Singapore to spouses and children of Singaporean citizens or PR holders. This PR scheme represents a valuable opportunity for those aiming to bring or maintain their family unity in Singapore.

It offers a seamless and supportive pathway, ensuring families live and thrive together in this vibrant nation.

5. Foreign Students Scheme (FSS)

Singapore’s Foreign Students Scheme designs a pathway for international students holding a Student Pass to apply for PR. Applicants must have lived in Singapore for at least two years and have successfully completed at least one national exam or are enrolled in an Integrated Programme (IP).

This scheme is an opportunity for students to integrate more deeply into Singapore's educational and social fabric, laying the groundwork for a long-term future in the country.

To enhance your prospects of a successful permanent residency application, regardless of your selected Singapore PR schemes, seeking the expertise of an immigration specialist is a strategic step towards optimising your application's chances for approval.

Shape Your PR Application Strategy for Success

Selecting an appropriate Singapore PR scheme is more than just a choice; it's a strategic decision crucial to your PR application success. In this pivotal phase, A1 Immigration Consultancy emerges as your indispensable guide.

As a leading PR application agency in Singapore, we specialise in navigating the complexities of different types of PR schemes. Our impressive track record of over 1,532 approved PR applications in the past 24 months is a reflection of our dedication and expertise.

Take the first steps towards your Singapore PR success with A1 Immigration Consultancy. Book a free consultation today.

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