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Things To Do After Getting Your SG PR Application Approved

Applying for Permanent Residency (PR) in Singapore can be a complex process. However, once your application for PR gets approved, it marks a pivotal turning point, opening up a new chapter in your life.

Following the approval of your SG PR application, you will be granted new rights and privileges. Although before you can enjoy the perks, you must fulfil a handful of requisite formalities to receive your PR status officially.

In this blog, we will outline what to do after your PR is approved, ensuring a smooth transition into your new life in Singapore.

Procedures to Complete After PR Approval

1. Collect Your In-Principle Approval (IPA) Letter

The In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter, issued by Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), confirms your approved SG PR application. It includes a validity period, usually six months, for completing necessary formalities. Adherence to this timeline is crucial for a seamless transition to your Singapore PR status.

2. Get A Medical Examination

Undergoing a medical examination is a mandatory step after the approval of your PR application. This medical evaluation includes a comprehensive check-up covering various aspects of your health. Depending on your age and gender, there could be additional specific screenings you might need to undertake. The intent behind this is to confirm that you are in optimum health to enjoy your new life in the country and that there is no risk of communicable diseases potentially impacting the public health environment of Singapore.

If you pass the medical examination, you will receive a medical clearance certificate. This document must be submitted to the ICA as part of the PR application formalities.

3. Register and Collect Your Singapore PR Identification Card

After completing the medical examination, the next step is registering for your Singapore Identification Card (IC) at the ICA. This is a crucial part of finalising your PR application in Singapore and requires the submission of your medical examination results, along with a recent passport-size photo, a page of your current passport containing personal information, and other supporting documents of your PR application.

Please note that the processing of your Singapore IC typically takes around seven days. This card will serve as a vital piece of identification, providing tangible proof of your permanent residency status. It's essential to keep this card safe, as it will frequently be used in your day-to-day activities as a resident in the country.

4. Update Your Banking Information and Open A Bank Account in Singapore

Transitioning into your new status as a Singapore PR also includes updating your banking information. After your PR application gets approved, informing your bank and credit card companies about your new status is crucial. This ensures that your financial records are up-to-date and accurately reflect your current situation.

In addition to updating your existing bank accounts, consider opening a bank account in Singapore. This can further facilitate your financial transactions and help you integrate more seamlessly into the local financial system.

5. Apply for Insurance

Upon the approval of your permanent residency application, securing insurance coverage in your new home country is a decisive step to consider. It’s vital to have financial protection against unforeseen health issues you may experience in the future. Singapore offers diverse insurance schemes tailored to various needs and circumstances. This flexibility allows you to choose an insurance plan that aligns best with your requirements, offering you peace of mind as you navigate your new journey as a Singapore PR.

6. Reviewing Your Rights and Responsibilities As a PR in Singapore

When you apply for a Singapore Permanent Resident status, it's obligatory to understand the rights and responsibilities of being a PR in Singapore. With a new status, you become eligible for numerous benefits. These include access to public housing, subsidies for education, and healthcare, enhancing your quality of life.

However, along with these benefits come responsibilities. For instance, mandatory National Service for males is a key obligation unless exempted. It's crucial to familiarise yourself with these aspects to fully embrace your new life in the country and contribute meaningfully to society.

7. Learn about Singapore's Culture and Customs

Despite not being on the list of PR application formalities, one of the important things to do after PR approval is to immerse yourself in Singapore's culture and customs. As a new PR, you are now part of a vibrant city characterised by its multicultural heritage, rich history, and diverse traditions.

Embracing these unique aspects of Singaporean culture is not just about adaptation but also about appreciation. It involves understanding the nuances of local customs, participating in traditional festivals, and enjoying the local cuisine. This cultural exploration enriches your experience as a PR and helps you build stronger connections within your new community.

8. Celebrate Your Approved SG PR Application

Of course, don't forget to celebrate after your Singapore PR application gets officially approved! Celebrate this milestone with your loved ones by dining out or exploring Singapore's beautiful locations. It's a great way to kickstart your journey and fully experience finally being a resident of the country.

Finalise Your PR Status After Approval with A1 Immigration Consultancy

Can’t wait to explore more of what Singapore has to offer? Experience a smooth PR transition with A1 Immigration Consultancy. Our immigration agency in Singapore is ready to assist you every step of the way. Whether you require assistance in comprehending new immigration procedures or guidance on additional documents to submit and steps to follow, you can rely on our immigration expertise.

For those intimidated to apply for permanent residency, we’ve got you covered. Our team will navigate you through the Singapore PR application process as simply and conveniently as possible. We will make certain you comply with all the necessary PR application documents and further requirements to prevent your SG PR application from getting rejected.

Take the first step towards your new life in Singapore. Book a consultation with our immigration consultants today!

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